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I try to ‘capture’ in paint the atmospheric alchemy between skies and seas, be it in the soft silence of the Mediterranean at sunrise, or the pounding Westerly waves of the English Channel.


 I am fascinated by the infinite variations in light, depth, and colour a cloud can generate: gifts of such beauty created in such a brief existence.

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My Religious Art

The religious paintings on glass endeavour to express the range of emotions represented in the faces of religious figures such as the Madonna and Gesu Bambino. The technique of painting in oils directly onto glass dates back to Roman times and, though once very popular throughout Europe, is now relatively rare. For this reason, these paintings are treasured by collectors.

It is a meticulous process in which the paint is applied ‘in reverse’ in separate stages i.e. what you would normally add as the final touch has to be painted first, left to dry, and then painted over with successive layers.

It requires a very sure hand because, once dry, errors cannot be corrected. The advantage is that the brilliancy of the colours through the glass remains intact.

My Landscape Pictures

Painting landscapes is the result of the communication between what we see and our emotional and imaginative interpretation of the reality that surrounds us. The ‘reality’ of a given place can change hugely according to the light, time and season at our moment of observation. Equally variable -at that same moment- is the observer’s emotional state: two vastly variable factors which mingle and meld to create a painting unique in time.
I paint on very different islands: the Isle of Wight in the English Channel, and Filicudi, a volcanic Aeolian Island in Italy. All of which boast infinite variety in their geography and thereby offer an inexhaustable source of inspiration for landscape painting.

Ideally I paint ‘En Plein Air’, but also work from photos. I firmly believe that when you know -and love- a place so intimately that it enters your soul, your vision of that photo goes far, far deeper than the the simple image itself.

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